State Rep. Nicholas Boldyga triumphs over Samuel Di Santi in 3rd Hampden District

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 @ 3:38PM

Victory Party

State Rep. Nicholas A. Boldyga, R-Southwick, right, holding his son Greyson, talks with State Sen. Michael R. Knapik, R-Westfield, at Boldyga’s post-election party at EB’s Specialty Chicken Restaurant in Agawam. (Photo by David Molnar, The Republican)

AGAWAM – State Rep. Nicholas A. Boldyga, R-Southwick ,vanquished his Democratic challenger Samuel S. Di Santi in Tuesday’s polling, rolling up a more than 4,000-vote strong lead.

The Southwick Republican won a total of 11,672 votes to the 7,403 pulled by Di Santi.

When Boldyga declared victory about 9:30 p.m. he had 6,691 votes in Agawam as compared to 5,150 votes for Di Santi. Total figures were not available in Agawam at that time because of a malfunctioning voting machine in Precinct 7. However, results that became available in Agawam at 10:30 p.m. showed Boldyga with 7,722 votes to Di Santi’s 5,827.

In Southwick, the Republican’s home turf, he won 3,305 votes to the 1,354 garnered by Di Santi.In Granville, the incumbent won 645 to Di Santi’s 222 votes.

Boldyga attributed his victory to hard work on his part and on the part of his supporters.

“We were the first people out at the polls and we were the last people there,” Boldyga told a crowd of about 30 of his supporters at EB’s Speciality Chicken Restaurant.

Bodyga, who won his first term two years ago by a narrow margin, said, “I just haven’t stopped working since I was elected in 2010.”

The legislator reaffirmed his commitment to such core issues as keeping spending and taxes down and working for education and to provide better infrastructure.

“At the end of the day, I am willing to work with anyone,” he said.

Di Santi could not be reached for comment late Tuesday.

The campaign was a bitter struggle between the 32-year-old Boldyga and Di Santi, a retired postal worker.

It featured charges and accusations by both candidates.

Di Santi publicized the fact that Boldyga had a 10-day suspension five years ago while a patrolman on the Simsbury (Conn.) Police Department. Boldyga acknowledged he has made mistakes. He explained the suspension as stemming from a dispute he had with a police officer while being stopped in a friend’s vehicle on his day off and a clerical mistake he made on his time card.

Boldyga accused his opponent of waging a campaign solely of negative attacks from the beginning.

For his part, Boldyga accused Di Santi of not fully filling on his state Statement of Financial Interest form with regard to his former home-based hot-dog concession. A spokesman for the state Ethics Commission said his department has Di Santi’s completed form on record. Di Santi accused Boldyga of dirty campaigning in regard to that issue.

Each candidate tried to paint a picture of his opponent as a politician who will hew to the line of his respective political party.

Di Santi accused Boldyga of riding the coattails of Democratic-sponsors bills and complained the representative voted against a health-care bill that would have saved consumers money because he did not have time to read it.

Boldyga presented himself as someone who will continue to fight taxes and create jobs as well as provide students the opportunity to get an education, noting that he is the first in his family to get a college education.

Di Santi, 57, also took Boldyga to task for his leadership in the state chapter of the conservative American Legislative Council, a group backed by big corporate interests such as the billionaire Koch brothers. Boldyga defended himself by challenging Di Santi to name bills filed by ALEC. Di Santi said ALEC does not file bills, but writes them for legislators.

The 3rd Hampden District includes Agawam, Southwick and Granville.

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